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Asian brides

According to a survey in which more than 19,000 people took part, a third of marriages begin with online dating. Other interesting survey data that was collected over 7 years suggests that slightly less than half of the interviewed couples met on romantic sites. All the criteria that you specify for your ideal can serve as a kind of filter and narrow the search range. Thus, the probability of finding the right person, at the meeting with whom special chemistry will arise, increases several times.

The number of Asian wife finders is constantly growing. Hundreds of sites and apps have appeared, where you can immediately announce serious intentions for Asian women dating. Again, geography has ceased to matter: you can get together with a person from any continent and decide together who will move to whom. Against this background, an industry continues to exist that arranges marriages between men from countries with a high standard of living and women from poor regions of Asia, Latin America and the former USSR. Some men are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to get asian brides - barely familiar women as a spouses, and some women continue to focus on the rapid emigration and relocation at any cost. Asian dating service are happy to help in this matter.

Mail Order Brides: who are they?

At the beginning of the 19th century, American farmers and ranchers who lived in isolation placed advertisements looking for wives ready to move from more populated areas. A few decades ago, the first international dating agencies appeared. At first they existed offline: men chose asian brides and not only in printed catalogue. Now the industry works primarily online and is somewhat like dating sites - the difference is that such services from the very beginning do not imply equality between women and men.

The names of popular dating sites speak for themselves: Latin-Wife.com is designed to find mail order brides from Latin America, AnastasiaDate.com - to meet women from Eastern Europe, Cherry Blossom (translated as "Sakura") - for those who want to find a girl from Asian countries. Among the candidates there are women of different ages, and many of them are very young.

International dating agencies are quite popular. Thus, the audience of one of the largest services AnastasiaDate.com has reached 20 million active users. Most online dating services are paid. You can give money for the time spent with potential asian brides in the chat, or pay for membership on the site. The Guardian notes that interested men are willing to pay thousands of dollars on this. The same agencies help to get documents for a visa and arrange for men to go to a “show of brides” to any country of Eastern Europe - what is happening reminds either speed dating or the car market. As a rule, a restaurant or a banquet room is removed for a bride, where the suitors can communicate with hundreds of candidates at a time and choose the right one. Mail order bride - is not a cheap pleasure. So, one of the Singapore agencies calls the amount of five thousand dollars and promises to accommodate a trip to Vietnam, the choice of the bride, the wedding and return home in one week. The arrival of his lady is scheduled a month after all the documents are ready.

Reasons for which Asian women become mail order brides

For those who are looking for traditional Asian beauty, China is the ideal place to choose a bride, because there are very few half-breeds in this country. Almost all Chinese women have a classic Asian appearance, but many men believe that their behavior and attitude to life often fall short of the ideal. Contrary to the established stereotype, Chinese women are often aggressive, although respectful - this is a compromise. In addition, it is rare to find information in profiles and films that most Chinese women have never left their home country. Thus, they are not very adapted to the world outside of China and often do not know another language. So it will not be easy for many girls to get used to Western culture, therefore, it will not be easy for their husbands.

However, unlike Japan and South Korea, the marriage of a Chinese woman with a white man will add prestige to her family. So, for those who are a fan of traditional Asian beauty, porcelain Chinese pupae can be good wives. Among the shortcomings can be noted the language barrier and limited access to the Internet.

Those who wish to acquire a bride from Vietnamese list should hurry. Vietnam is a dynamically developing economy, adding 5.3% only in 2015. After five years, prices can dramatically increase. Once, at the turn of the millennia, It is about the prospect of tourism in Vietnam, when our osloturby business was charging money for the development of Turkey and Egypt. It was necessary to invest there, on the shores of the South China Sea, in the former Soviet patrimony. Who thought of it, and invested money in the construction of hotels in Vietnam.

Asian brides are not threatened with devaluation. Soon 100,000,000 grooms from China will rush to the Vietnamese market. All stocks are not enough. It is necessary to fly now, while cheap and guarantee. But for those who do not even keep up with a close-up analysis, without accumulating $ 32 000, you can still look at the still unexplored lands of the Bismarck Archipelago. Perhaps there is cheaper. Flip Flops, whatever one may say - out of competition for costs and guarantees. Paid - get it. The language barrier in general, with all imported brides only at hand. - there will be fewer reasons for quarrels. Vietnamese culinary preferences like instant noodles and fried herring will have to get used to. Or accustom southeast passion for buckwheat and pilaf.

Best countries that offer Asian brides

Thailand has long had a reputation as a world sex tourism, but recently the Kingdom has become one of the largest countries in Southeast Asia in the export of asian women for marriage. The business looks quite decent - in Europe, many marriage agencies have opened, which offer local single a man immigrant women. Fashion for Russians has long passed and now European men want a quiet, calm wife who does not look into the bachelor’s pocket and content herself with little. These are the criteria for girls from Thailand. Unpretentiousness, oriental submission and the famous Thai temptation in sexuality attract more and more European men. Bride selection service from Thailand costs from $ 1,000. For this amount, a European bachelor is offered a catalog of Thai brides with a detailed description of their parameters and types of figures, as well as their origin. Mandatory requirement of asian brides is their chastity. Of course, modern medical technologies allow several times to return their virginity, however, representatives of marriage agencies are trying to carefully monitor the fact that the Thai brides' virginity was natural. Moreover, some northern provinces in Thailand are engaged in growing girls for export. In some parts of the country there is even a barbaric custom to drown boys who are a burden to the family and do not make money. By the age of 15, Thai girls become the basics of Thai massage and all sexual positions, but the future husband still get a guarantee that they are the first men of these girls. Thai girls begin to appear in catalogs starting at the age of 15. In many countries, marriages with minors are prohibited, but correcting documents is not a difficulty, especially since the marriage contract is now not in Europe, but on some exotic islands, where fingerprints look for similar errors for a certain amount.

It is worth noting that the typical husband of an Asian girl is not a fabulous prince. As a rule, this is a man aged and with a belly that has certain complexes, since he could not find a decent life partner for himself. In addition, an important role is played by problems in the sexual sphere. They come to the idea of ​​marriage with a Thai girl by virtue of complexes in the sexual sphere. It seems to Europeans much cheaper to buy a Thai wife once, who will not be capricious, be happy with what she has!

What awaits a man married to an Asian?

An Asian wife will never allow herself to belittle her husband in public. She will not discuss intimate details of family life with her friends or, if she allows, her Asian friend will never tell anyone about it. The Asian wife is hardworking and persistent - she works hard and works, while not forgetting to create home comfort. Without complaining about the modest income of her husband. She tries not to interfere in the relations of the husband with the former, with relatives, with friends. Asian brides will calmly accept a different situation, when instead of the planned new campaign for the concert, the husband is suspended, he will spend the evening at the new TV. She may not like it as much as any other woman, but she will never hysterical about this, will not walk with inflated lips for the last week, but calmly and with high respect will report the next day about her sadness about what happened.

European men choose Asian women

In addition to the actual feminine qualities of Asian wives, many aspects of a social nature work in their favor, there are a number of quite obvious factors in Western Europe that contribute to the popularity of Asian women. For example, the possibility of combining business with pleasure - a man goes on holiday to a sunny, hospitable Thailand to spend his vacation there and at the same time meet a potential asian love. The warm sea, delicious food, romantic atmosphere, you know, actively contribute to the development of feelings.

Asian culture is widely promoted by legitimate Asian dating sites. Commendable reviews of the best educational system in many Asian countries, perseverance and diligence, and consequently, the outstanding success of Asian students. Plots about neatly dressed yellow-faced geeks are present in television programs quite regularly. As well as stories about outstanding scientific discoveries and the unique culture of Asians. You do not need a great mind to see a clear attempt to oppose the Asian attitude to life with American standards. In the same way, unobtrusively, the idea is introduced through the media that lively beauties in American films are no more than the fruit of directors' fantasies, but Asian diligence and naturalness are much more real and closer to European culture.

It is funny at first glance, but even cookbooks contribute to popularity of asian brides.

In addition to dishes of national cuisine, and, which is also traditional, Italian and Spanish, what other dishes occupy a solid place in the content? Guess it! Asian, of course. Dishes from rice, vegetables and seafood are not only attractive in pictures, but also promoted as a source of healthy, fulfilling life, masculine strength and female beauty. The ability to cook sushi, or the right soy sauce, is proud, boast, like an asian mail order wife who knows how to cook all these things regularly at home. Against the background of Asian dishes - pictures of sandwiches - look like evidence of complete degradation. Psychologists explain why Asian women are at the top. The fact is that most of them have retained their commitment to patriarchal relations, where a man is given the leading role in the family. White men in Europe are tired of feminism and the imposition of "gender equality". One of the ways to restore the “normal state of affairs” for them is a wife from the third world countries, where the man still dominates both at home and in society. But perhaps the simplest explanation of the phenomenon of Asian wives lies right before your eyes - material well-being. As for the white woman - the usual household amenities, for Asian - luxurious conditions. As for the white wife - a mediocre income, for Asian - a quality lifestyle for yourself and possible children. So, to meet asian singles - is a real luck! The most poor Western European man for a relatively small amount of money can give himself a completely divine status in the eyes of his beloved woman, who will refuse?

Legal grounds for getting Asian Mail Order Brides

Asian dating sites help to get documents for a visa and arrange trips for men to “see brides” in Eastern European countries - what is happening is reminiscent of either speed dating or the car market. The hosts are usually men from Western Europe, the United States, the countries of the Persian Gulf and relatively rich regions of Asia such as South Korea, Thailand and China. Interestingly, Thai and Chinese often take girls from Cambodia and Vietnam as brides - for the latter, this is considered luck. At the same time, Thai and Chinese women also often become wives exported - only for residents of the United States and Europe.

The law does not create any special obstacles for marriage. And getting a visa to Asian countries (to have asian date) is easy for Europeans. In Europe, asian brides need to be adult (18 years old) to be married, have a certificate certified by the consulate that there is no marriage at home and a valid passport with a visa. 5 years after registration, the foreign spouse (or foreign spouse) already has the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit. In Asian countries, conditions are similar, only the age frame is different: girls are at least 20 years old, men are 22 years old and older. Official marriage in any Asian country will not be registered if the newlyweds do not own a separate living space. Thus, the state stimulates an independent solution of the housing issue.

Mail-Order-Bride: public opinion

In society, such marriages are welcome. A man who can afford to get Asian mail order brides is respected. The “official” reason for encouraging a Chinese woman to marry a foreigner is that the desire to make a career is recognized in the thematic forums. Regarding this beautiful girls can be understood.

The Asian countries are experiencing a difficult time in terms of self-determination: on the one hand, this is rapid economic growth with all the ensuing consequences, and on the other, the desire to preserve their unique cultural and traditional values. Asian girls - on a personal level - are in about the same position. Although any generalizations in this regard are a thankless task. It’s not so easy to draw a generalized portrait of 670 million Asian brides online. But what lady today does not dream of a man who will treat her like a partner? Any, including - Asian. So gentlemen who are in search of an obedient, submissive and "dumb" concubine wife, in the Middle Kingdom there is nothing to "catch". It is believed that after marriage the Chinese woman quickly makes it clear “who is the mistress of the house”.


It should immediately make a reservation: how many people - so many opinions. New "real life stories" about marriages with Asians on forums appear regularly. We do not undertake to summarize this global experience - let us dwell only on the main points that it does not hurt for those who seriously think about the prospect of matchmaking for the bride from Celestial. Today, relations with Asian singles are almost a trend. Despite the obvious excess of suitors-compatriots, Asian brides increasingly pay attention to foreigners. This trend is clearly visible on dating sites. Experts find her different explanations. Including - the growing popularity of Asia in the world.

More recently, strict Asian parents forbade their daughters to even talk to foreign men. Today, inter-ethnic concerning Asian girls dating is almost commonplace. Advanced Asians thus seek greater personal freedom, equality with men and independence. Such is the peculiar way of emancipation. At the same time, they manage to preserve their femininity and notorious family values, to which the western grooms are incredibly happy.

However, men from Russia are not in high demand here. This is proved not only by dating sites, but also by marriage agencies. Blame all the same stereotypes. Many Chinese women believe that every Russian man is necessarily an alcoholic who regularly beats his wife. And the scenario “beats - it means loves”, of course, does not suit them. Therefore, English-speaking candidates for a hand and heart with citizenship in the USA or Europe are in higher demand here.

Although there is an opposite opinion on Asian dating. Seasoned husbands note the special attitude of their wives to the role of the keeper of the hearth. Finding a reasonable balance between loyalty to gender traditions and the pursuit of gender equality, Asian wives deserve the respect and authority of “the ideal option for marriage” among their Western husbands. Asians know how to love and care, recognize the merits of the spouse, maintaining the atmosphere of love and comfort in the house.

How from almost a billion to choose "that very one"

Of course, the aim of this review is not to give detailed instructions on the choice of an beautiful Asian wife! But one point of how to meet Asian girls should be paid more attention to. Considering that the stumbling block in building relationships is often the difference in cultural tradition, it is recommended to find out immediately what values ​​your chosen one adheres to. If she is a supporter of modern views on relationships and marriage, she is likely to quickly inform you about this. Such an “advanced” bride has a good education, is focused on career and financial independence, loves to live a full life, develop, travel. The girl, in whose house traditional upbringing prevails, is more family-oriented, modest and shy. Relationship with her are likely to develop under the close attention of their parents and only with their blessings.


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