Romanian Brides


What do we know about Romania and Romanian women? Most likely very little, if nothing at all. The history of this country and its development were influenced at different times by Turkish, German, Austrian and Hungarian cultures, and it seemed that the absolutely incompatible features intertwined in the Romanian character. People here are very open and always ready to help, although at first they may seem too noisy, too emotional. Romanian women are temperamental, contact and easily make new acquaintances. To get acquainted with the Romanian bride, it is not necessary to go to Romania, many Romanian women meet on international dating sites in order to create a family, marriage.

In the life of the Romanians, the family (and families in Romania are almost always large) occupies a central place. Children here are often very dependent on parental influence and live long with their parents, but parents, in turn, are very respected by children. For most Romanians, there can be no question of leaving their elderly parents or sending them to a nursing home. The second main value after the family is friends. "Singles" is not here in high esteem. Friendly relationships are greatly appreciated and maintained. To get acquainted with the Romanian brides, just go to a dating site or visit a marriage agency. At the same time, visiting a marriage agency is a more reliable way, especially if your goal is to meet a Romanian mail order bride in order to create a family.

The idea of ​​marrying a Romanian girl will probably seem insane to someone, but in vain, because Romanian brides are very polite and well brought up, attentive, able to care for her husband and children and generally know very well how to treat a man. Therefore, to marry a Romanian woman is a good option for many men. Now more and more couples find each other through the Internet, on dating sites. Therefore, to go to a free dating site is the easiest way to get acquainted with a nevite from Romania. And if you are attracted by the Romanian temperament and you really would like to marry a Romanian, then use all available means - a free Romanian dating site, marriage agency services, the help of friends, and so on. Perhaps you are destined to find your happiness with a Romanian woman.

Can the mail order bride be trusted?

If you apply to a marriage agency with a good reputation, which has a fairly extensive experience, then you can safely trust the Romanian mail order brides. In a decent agency, you, like the prospective brides, will check the documents, ask about the reasons for the appeal, ask you to pass psychological tests and clearly indicate who you are looking for. The agreement on cooperation is not concluded with every Romanian mail order brides. Mentally unhealthy, seeking wealth and not ready to work on themselves, most likely, the test will be overwhelmed.

If the first stage is completed successfully, an agreement is drawn up with the Romanian mail order brides. No one gives a 100% guarantee of marriage. The agency only undertakes to provide, within a specified period (usually 2-6 months), a sufficient number of suitable candidates. Somewhere their exact number is written, somewhere not. Further the most interesting begins: search of partners and appointment. Potential future spouses show photos and talk about each other's life. If everything suits them, the man is given a girl's phone, and he makes an appointment. If you have problems with the language, you will be provided with a translator. Often, customers are offered to hold several meetings with Romanian singles and select the appropriate one. Immediately it is stipulated that the initial meeting is not a date yet. You communicate with each other, compare goals, discuss pitfalls - something like an interview for the position of the bride and groom with a probationary period.

After the meeting, customers call back to the curators and share their impressions. If everything went well and the pair was formed, customers still have the opportunity to use the services of the agency during the contract, while your membership is still relevant. Marriage agencies help to collect the relevant documents so that the stay of the Romanian bride in another country will be legitimate. You can, for example, come to a psychologist's consultation, get advice on creating relationships. Or ask to find a new party, if the relationship broke up quickly.

Why choose a Romanian bride?

Romanian brides stand out for their catchy, bright and unusual beauty. The characteristic female image is subtle features, frail physique and, of course, black hair. The indigenous inhabitants of Romania are, as a rule, women with straight noses and slightly pointed features. Quite often, their height exceeds 170 centimeters. Their brows are narrow and their chins are sharp. Sometimes it can be blonde. Many Romanians are owners of fairly massive hips. Some consider Romanians the most beautiful women in Europe.

Romanian brides are distinguished by hospitality, which makes them very close to the Caucasian peoples. True, to assess the Romanian hospitality is possible only in rural areas. Here you will be actively invited to visit the gatherings, to treat homemade wine or plum brandy - a local alcoholic drink. Contrary to a fairly common myth, Romanian brides are absolutely peaceful and non-conflicting. However, they are extremely practical and inventive. They are not accustomed to displaying their feelings, but they will always help them out of a difficult situation. Strong enough in Romania is the influence of the church. Perhaps this is due to the lower position of girls from Romania in society. Although often the primacy of men is only apparent. In remote Romanian villages, women still walk in the streets in traditional clothes, and men do not part with their hats.

How to win over a Romanian woman

Probably every adult man agrees that the girl must be interested in themselves and gradually seek her position. Even if you see a clear genuine sympathy in the eyes, this does not mean that the goal has been achieved. You are only hinted at the possibility of building mutual relationships and tender feelings. If in the process of dating a Romanian woman is for some reason disappointed in her partner, then there may be no continuation. Harmonious sincere relations are possible only in the case when the Romanian girl will fully trust the guy, she will begin to build plans for the future with her.

You can start courtship with a banal box of chocolates and flowers. They are able to cheer up even the most gloomy and inhospitable person. By the way, do not forget to give flowers as often as possible. With this you rather melt the ice in the heart of your impregnable queen. Do not forget that a Romanian woman evaluates a man not only by external parameters, but looks at how he is charitable, tender, pleasant in communication.

Every woman wants to feel protected. From here even the expression “as if behind a stone wall” arose. The fact is that the female nature is as follows: it is extremely significant for her to have a number of reliable in all respects companion, who would fence her from all sorts of troubles and troubles. The emotional sphere of a woman is distinguished by great excitability and frequent changes of mood. Therefore, a more calm partner will harmonize its internal state. What is the expression of protection? First, the fact that a man is physically stronger than a woman, he can protect her from anyone if necessary. Secondly, the guy is emotionally stable, you can rely on him in difficult situations, ask for help.

So, here are some tips on how to conquer a beautiful Romanian woman:

  • Be ardent;

  • Be moderately confident;

  • Be unpredictable;

  • Show respect;

  • Be an interesting conversation partner;

  • Be patient;

  • Be a real man.


Features of Romanian brides

Romanian brides are tall, large, long-legged. Sexy Romanian women tend to have plump lips and thick dark hair. As for their character, they have such features:

  1. Temperament is explosive, in their statements these women do not know half tones: yes or no;

  2. Romanian ladies know how to be leaders like at work, so as at home;

  3. Spontaneous and unpredictable, they are able to find an original and unexpected solution to any problem;

  4. Their main enemy is a routine: the monotony of everyday life, the need for discipline and a clear daily routine deprive them of their main value - inner freedom;

  5. In accordance with the culture characteristics Romanian brides say what they think, their direct and sometimes harsh statements are not always and not everyone likes. But those who appreciate sincerity, find in the face of these women reliable and loyal friends;

  6. A lot of attention is paid to education now. Therefore, the Romanian brides are interesting interlocutors;

  7. They have the highest tone at dawn and dusk, so that if you wake up for no reason at all before everyone else, you should not force yourself to sleep. At this time you can make the most important things for you in the most qualitative way.

Romanian brides often suffer from pressure drops, migraines. They are most vulnerable in their liver and stomach, so it is recommended not to be zealous with spicy and fatty foods.

Why are they so popular against foreign men?

There are many reasons why men prefer Romanian dating and then agree to marry Romanian women. The main reason why men meet with Romanian women, and then get married, is the desire to assert themselves in the role of leader. So a man will definitely need a woman who will obey them unconditionally. If, after the stamp in the passport, the wife departs from the role of a novice he needs, the man will feel deceived with all the ensuing consequences. Or men also marry women in spite of self-affirmations who had previously rejected or deceived them. Or men who are not self-confident marry more confident women, in the hope that they will support them. The banal reason, but for most men, independence in everyday life is oppressive. In this case, it is simply necessary that she will do everything for him and for him to do: prepare, clean, erase, etc. Naturally, the choice of this type of men is based only on two criteria - this is the ability to manage the household and lush physical data. Romanian women more than any other meet these criteria. Only here and the relationship then develop the same, what was the selection.

Well, quite banal reason when a man after Romanian dating, realizing that here she is - the one and only, is getting married. Solid romance. But it also happens that a man is ripe to become a father, a woman refuses to have illegitimate children, so it turns out that a man has to marry. And since a man wants to have a child from his beloved woman, he enters into marriage, therefore, for love. Only this reason of all is the most unstable for marriage. Love is a passing feeling. Feelings tend to cool, resulting in a feeling of regret.

Why are Romanian brides good for marriage?

It is impossible to overestimate the appearance of Romanian girls, since it depends not only on their genotype, but also on the ability to look after themselves, to dress and so on. However, a lot of men all over the world prefer Romanian brides for marriage:

  1. Romanian girls know how to maintain family life - The ideal order and comfort in the house is commonplace for Romanian girls. They know how to cook, keep the house clean, and even distribute family expenses. And Romanian recipes for unique dishes are passed on from the older generation to the younger;

  2. The sensuality of the Romanian girls - the next reason to marry a Romanian girl is their hot nature, as they are very emotional and passionate. Their character reflects the whole range of feminine feelings: they are gentle, loving, but they are also jealous, and they also always empathize with their neighbors, always forgive, understand and support;

  3. Romanian women know how to survive - girls from Romania have extraordinary wisdom. The ability to get out of difficult situations, solve serious problems, inspire your man to great things - these are qualities that help Romanian women to exist comfortably even in difficult conditions;

  4. Romanian girls are very hardworking - despite the stereotypes, Romanian women are not looking for wealth in a man. Despite their fragility, Romanians are very hardworking. In addition, they are very intelligent and educated. Some of them find more than two jobs to provide children, while remaining a tender and loving wife. Even the charter at work, the Romanian will not allow her husband to miss;

  5. Romanian women respect their parents and religion - Romanian girls love to dance and sing, and almost every one of them can be the soul of the company. As for family values, Romanians respect and value their parents, without violating ancient traditions;

  6. Romanian women adhere to traditional gender roles - to sum up, we can say that Romanian women can be not only wonderful wives, but also sincere friends and lifelong support. Since childhood, most of them dream of creating a family, coziness in the house and having children. They adhere to traditional gender roles in relationships. And despite the fact that many women use all the opportunities to get a higher education and successful work, the family always remains the top priority for Romanians.

Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many foreigners who are happily married to Romanians, and there are also many girls from Romania who dream of marrying a person from abroad.


As foreigners themselves claim, the long struggle for the equal rights of men and women has led to a real gender equalization in everything. This means that Western women not only began to work like men and receive like men, but also think like men, act like men, look like men. Europeans and Americans are much easier to relate to their appearance. Manicure, makeup, feminine dresses and skirts are all for a special occasion, not for every day. They do not make a marafet to take out the garbage and do not go to the supermarket in heels. That is why the Romanian bride seems to the western man to be a standard of beauty and femininity.

Romanian women, unlike Westerners, are not inclined to “experience relationships” for years - six months, a year after they met - for us it is an acceptable time to make a decision on marriage. But American and European women, who do not consider that a woman is realized mainly through marriage and who do not set age limits for themselves in this regard, can “look closely” for a very long time. Therefore, foreign businessmen who do not have much time for long searches or those who have already realized themselves financially and are now ready to start a family soon, rather than “someday,” rightly believe that the Romanian wife is a great option. So, soon after Romanian online dating, foreigners willingly marry them.

In addition, modern Western women (and this is confirmed by statistics) do not want to give birth. They want to travel, cultivate, build a career. But the Romanian bride, according to the expectations of the potential suitors, will be ready to give birth, and not only ten years after the wedding, but literally right away. Given the fact that men in the West, too, as a rule, do not marry immediately after graduating from university, but only after they get on their feet, the women's willingness to give birth to an heir plays an important role as soon as possible. While Western women are fully focused on themselves and personal development, family values ​​are still in the first place for Romanian people. Therefore, foreigners often count on the fact that the Romanian wife can create an atmosphere of family comfort, warmth and harmony in the house.

Well, another feature due to which the Romanian wife becomes so desirable in the eyes of a foreigner: the ability of these women to look at a man with admiration. Sad but true: many things, completely mundane, (and therefore not attracting attention), in the West, we still have not become common for most families, even those who consider themselves happy. For example, the help of a man at home or taking care of children, responsibility, respectful attitude to the emotions of a woman, the absence of scandals and scenes in public - all this causes the sincere admiration of Romanian girls while dating. And as you know, a man, in order to read the admiration in the eyes of his beloved, is ready to go abroad to meet Romanian women.


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